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Mother's Eye (Paperback)

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Deep in the swamps of Louisiana, an ancient, mystical creature, the last of its kind, driven by a vengeance-fueled rage, is unwittingly drawn into a supernatural journey where past and present collide. Since the beginning of time, its kind flourished under the watchful glare of "Mother's Eye". When man arrived, everything changed. A lone creature foolishly befriends an early French settler, a priest. The man develops a mystical link with the creature that spans several centuries. A single, brutal act of betrayal sparks a ferocious war between the creatures and those that are foolish enough to enter the swamp.The bond that the creature shared with the priest in the past, is mysteriously and fatally rekindled with a young high school student, name Van, in the present. As with the priest, man and creature are linked in a supernatural way. Their worlds collide in an epic battle of revenge and survival. Van Tyler, a young man driven more by hormones than honor, finds himself at the center of a horrific case of mistaken identity. He is blamed for the bloodshed that spans centuries. The Sheriff is convinced that Van is responsible for the mutilated bodies that keep turning up in the swamps of St. Dumaine Parish.The creature is convinced that the killings started, hundreds of years ago, by Van's own hands.Their fates are linked in a deadly battle for survival. They will need to work together to end the bloodshed. Van must eventually learn to work with the creature in order to rescue his girlfriend from certain death. Ultimately, it is a dark tale of love and forgiveness.Can they stop the killing long enough to form an alliance that bridges the gap between the horrors of the past and the hope of the future?

About the Author

John Albert grew up in the shadows of the Louisiana swamps where whispers of monsters, spirits, and creatures that ruled the night filled his childhood. In "Mother's Eye" he gives voice to those ancient stories. You might want to leave the lights on for this one.
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ISBN: 9781981548767
ISBN-10: 1981548769
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 24th, 2018
Pages: 320
Language: English