Understanding Time: An Exploration (Paperback)

Understanding Time: An Exploration By Nicola Kattan Cover Image
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"Understanding Time: An Exploration" is a book that suggests a deep dive into the mysteries and complexities of time. This exploration encompasses both philosophical and scientific perspectives, delving into the fundamental nature of time, how it is perceived and experienced, and how it shapes our understanding of the world. The title invites readers to join a journey of discovery and inquiry into a subject that has puzzled humans for centuries, ultimately aiming to gain a greater understanding of time's essential role in our lives. Whether you are a philosopher, scientist, or simply curious about the nature of time, this exploration promises to offer a thought-provoking and enlightening experience.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215717554
Publisher: Petra Books
Publication Date: February 19th, 2023
Pages: 154
Language: English