Walter Anderson: The Extraordinary Life and Art of the Islander - Signed by Robert St. John, Anthony Thaxton, and John Anderson


Signed at author event on Monday, December 6th at Pass Books - Walter Anderson: The Extraordinary Life and Art of the Islander. Theses signed copies are unigue in that they also have the signaure of John Anderson, son of Walter Anderson. John Anderson wrote the foreword to the book.

ROBERT ST. JOHN and ANTHONY THAXTON have produced a compelling new volume of art and family stories highlighting the prolific and reclusive Walter Inglis Anderson. Lavishly illustrated, this 276-page book shines a light on all the facets of Anderson’s unbelievable output and presents a thoughtful progression of his art through personal and poignant stories told by his wife, Sissy, and their four children: Mary, Billy, Leif, and John.  This extensive volume contains rare photographs, artwork, and memories never before shared, as well as the heart-breaking story of loss through Hurricane Katrina.  It is the adventure tale of a most extraordinary, enigmatic genius who has been called “America’s Van Gogh.”  With complete access to the Anderson family archives and vaults of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, this book brings together much of the artist’s finest work as well as paintings and photographs that have never before been published.

It is an eye-opening and inspiring work to be treasured and dipped into again and again.

Also included with this book are free download links for the documentary film and soundtrack


SKU: 9780999222911